biografie: Dr. Mr. Paul van der Lee

Curriculum Vitae

Date of birth:
20 juni 1974

Preliminary Education:
1986-1992: Highschool (VWO) at the Christelijk Lyceum Veenendaal

1992-1997: Law at the Utrecht University.
Specialisation: Constitutional and Administrative Law.
Final Thesis: Revising Constitutional Revision, A Comparison with Italy (in English).

1996: Erasmus grantholder for six months at the Perugia University (Italy), Faculty of Political Sciences.

Working Experience:


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1996: Stage as legal assistent at the Department of Legal Affairs of the Commune of Ede (Netherlands), four months.

1997-1998: Cultural treaty grantholder for a post graduate research on the forms of government of Italy and the Netherlands.

1998-now: Phd at the Public Law Department of the Maastricht University

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